Avalehe pilt
Information phone

Information phone  612 3000 (Monday to Friday 8.00-19.00)



  • There is a charge for calling – the cost of a call is established by the selected operator
  • All incoming calls are recorded
  • Calls are serviced in Estonian, Russian, or English


The information phone provides information:

  • Police Board and Border Guard Board services and initiated campaigns
  • application forms and how to complete them
  • documents to be appended to applications
  • about the status of the identity document or residence permit and general information about the proceedings
  • locations of structural units and their hours of operation
  • contact information for public officials
  • the location of towed vehicles


The information phone receives notifications of dangerous traffic situations.

The information phone does not provide information to a third party, for instance, about the stay of a person at a sobering-up or detention facility.