Avalehe pilt
Pinna service point


P.Pinna 4, 13615 Tallinn

Reception hours:
Mon-Thu 9.00-19.00
Fri 9.00-17.00
Information phone: 612 3000



  • Application for and issue of identity document
  • Following service of digital document (incl. renewal of certificates and PIN codes)
  • Application for, resumption of, release from and renouncement of Estonian citizenship
  • Application for and extension of residence permit
  • Application for and extension of right of residence (EU citizen and his/her family member)
  • Registration of short-term employment in Estonia
  • Extension of the period of stay and application for visa
  • Application for international protection
  • Application for and issue of weapons permit
  • Transfer and registration of weapon


Additional Information

  • Possibility to take a photo in a photo booth (except the applications related to weapons permits).
  • The state fee can be paid in cash, by bankcard or by bank transfer through the client computer at a Service Office. At the Service Offices it is not possible to pay by bankcard the state fees for the review of an application for a long-stay visa, for extension of the period of stay and for weapons permits.


Public transport
Punane street, stop called „P.Pinna" buses No. 19; 31; 35; 44; 50; 54; 55; 58; 65
Laagna road, stop called „Kotka Kauplus" buses No. 7; 13; 49; 53; 56; 67; 68