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Document descriptions issued by Police- and Border Guard Board

This section contains the samples of all documents issued formerly and at present by the Police and Border Guard Board.

At present the documents being issued by the Police and Border Guard Board include ID-cards, residence permit cards and travel documents of six different types. In order to grant security of the documents and for compliance with EU standards the identity documents are being modernized after lapse of a certain time period.

The Police and Border Guard is issuing six types of travel documents. For Estonian citizens are issued passport of an Estonian citizen and seafarer's discharge book, and for aliens are issued an alien's passport, certificate of record of service on Estonian ships, temporary travel document and travel document for refugee. Diplomatic passports are issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Travel documents are conditionally divided into three generations. The main characteristic features of the first generation are the sheet of personal data at the inner side of the backside cover of the passport and a photo sticked on this sheet. The sheet of personal data is covered with laminate either by way of cold or hot lamination.

In the travel documents of the next generation the sheet of personal data is on the second page of the passport. The photogene is printed, perforated, and the personal data are covered with very thin laminate.

Documents of third generation include a noncontact chip, therefore they are also called e-passports. On this chip are registered the biometric data of the user of the document - face and fingerprint images. Starting from the third generation the validity period of all travel documents is up to 5 years.

Starting from 1st March 2014 new seafarer's discharge books and alien's passports shall be issued. Starting from 1st June 2014 new passports of Estonian citizen, certificates of record of service on Estonian ships, travel documents for refugees and temporary travel documents shall be issued.