Avalehe pilt
Illegal migration

Since Estonia has joined the Schengen zone, citizens from the illegal immigration source countries have started to show up the bigger interest in Estonia. The main aim is to receive the Schengen visa that shall provide those people with the right to enter the territory of all member states of Schengen  visa area.

People may use for the illegal migration the legal possibilities like tourism, transit transportation, studying, personal contacts  and contacts related to work. It has occurred that on the ground of illegal migration, the people have tried to find the contacts among individual persons or from business circles to receive the visa.

At first, the contacts shall be established through internet  with the “potential inviter” and when  friendly relationship has been built up or specific interest in cooperation or business contacts have been expressed, they want to know  “the inviter`s “ personal data  because this information is necessary for their visa application (name of the person who invites and the residence address for overnight ). When the visa has been issued, “the foreign partners” will disappear and start travelling towards other Western -European countries.

The first alarming indicator  of  attempt of illegal migration could be that people are in a hurry to receive the visa and wish to come here very quickly. Don´t give out your contacts  easily! Otherwise you are  facilitating ( not knowingly) the illegal migration because the person who has submitted the request for Schengen visa can  use  your  details in the application  and write down the  reason  the aim of their trip. Citizens from Asia, Africa, Middle East and the former Soviet Union are the category of people who most often use the visa request in order to migrate the country illegally.

If the visitor who was to  arrive from the third country, has not arrived and does not show any sign of himself / herself or you have a suspicion  of illegal migration case, please inform us at the address: pvo.vihje@politsei.ee

Authenticity of documents

Authenticity of ID of all EU member states can be checked on the internet page PRADO. This internet environment  is designed for the authorities where  on a daily bases the exercise of ID is frequent. The internet page is working in 22 languages and has been drawn up to hinder the use of falsified documents. The PRADO application is presenting the samples of ID-s of all  EU  member states and informs which security elements are to be examined.