Avalehe pilt
Information for air carriers and stakeholders

Airlines are required to transfer reservation (PNR), check-in and boarding (API) data of passengers on flights to or from Estonia. The information should be transmitted by electronic means to the Estonian Passenger Information Unit.

The requirement to deliver passenger data is applicable to all airlines operating flights to, in transit through, or departing from Estonia. Requirement applies to all commercial flights incl. charter flights.

In case of code-sharing the operating airline is responsible for the transmission of all reservation (PNR) and check-in (API) data including code share passengers to, from or through Estonia.

Airlines shall provide passengers reservation (PNR) and check-in (API) data using "push" method. Airlines are required to provide at least three messages for each flight:

  • 48-24 hours before scheduled time of departure
  • immediately after flight closure
  • check-in and boarding message (API) at actual time of departure

PIU may additionally ask air carrier to provide data on other times than 48 to 24 hours before the scheduled time of departure and immediately after the flight closure by request.
Airlines or their authorized representatives must inform passengers that their API and PNR data are transmitted to the Estonian Passenger Information Unit, which is part of Police and Border Guard Board.

Estonian Police and Border Guard Board will contact each air carrier individually and discuss possible connectivity types and timing schedules.

For more information, please contact Estonian Police and Border Guard Board via email: ppa@politsei.ee