Avalehe pilt
Information for passengers

Nothing Changes for Passengers

Air carriers have been gathering and processing passenger's personal data and travel-related booking information for decades. This information includes, for instance, travel dates, itinerary, ticket data, contact data, travel agencies' contact data, information about means of payment, seating and luggage.

The new requirements have changed nothing for passengers, everything is and going to be the same as it has been so far. The only thing that will change affects airlines and difference is, that they will be forwarding the collected data to the central database managed by the Police and Border Guard Board.

Personal Data is Protected

  • The gathered booking records are processed only with a view to detect, investigate and prevent terrorist offence and other serious crime.
  • The system processes data automatically and can be accessed by a limited number of officials who have an immediate professional need for it.
  • Not all records can be accessed by officials - for instance, an individual's food preferences or medical indications are removed from the data-reaching officials.
  • Booking records are kept for 5 years, however, after 6 months, data is depersonalised through masking out and officials will not have access to them without a warrant linked to a case. Data will be automatically deleted from the system after 5 years.