Avalehe pilt
@eesti.ee e-mail address

With your ID-card you will receive personal @eesti.ee e-mail address, which is used by the state to send you important information. In order to use your @eesti.ee e-mail address, you have to forward it to your personal e-mail address using the State Portal eesti.ee. You can forward letters to several e-mail addresses. Besides you can order notifications by SMS or by @eesti.ee e-mail address, for example reminder about expiry date of the driving license or health certificate.

The State Portal does not have a mailbox for your incoming mail; the @eesti.ee address only forwards the mail. In addition, the content of e-mails sent from your @eesti.ee address is not saved on the State Portal; you can only view the list of sent messages. For more information, please visit the State Portal eesti.ee.