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If the codes of a card are lost

In case if you lose PIN-codes of ID-card, residence card or digi-ID (with the exception of the digi-ID of an e-resident), or the PIN-codes are stolen but the document is still held by you, then act as follows:
Please address the closest Service Office of the Police and Border Guard Board which provides additional services for obtaining new codes. Upon presenting the document and filling a corresponding application the new code envelope will be issued. Ordering new  PIN-codes costs 5 euros.

If you are in a foreign country, the only possibility is to apply for a new document, which will be received from the foreign representation of Estonia.
If you have blocked a PIN code and you still have the PUK code, then You can unblock your PIN codes by the utility of the ID card.

If you have trouble with unblocking the PIN codes, please call the ID card help-line phone number  +372 666 8888.

NB! If the PIN-codes of the digi-ID of an e-resident are lost, then the document shall be useless and, upon necessity, a new digi-ID of an e-resident shall be applied for.