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If an identity document is lost

If your passport is lost or stolen:
In order to invalidate the document, the user of the document (or his/her legal representative) should submit an application, which can be submitted:

If your ID card/residence card/Digi-ID is lost or stolen:
Please make a prompt call to the help-line phone number 1777 (from abroad +372 677 3377) or address the closest Service Office. Upon your request, the certificates of the card shall be suspended and thereafter it is not possible to use the card electronically (e.g. for digital signing) any more.

The subsequent will depend on the aspect, whether you will get the card back into your disposal (will find it) or the document will remain to be lost:

  • if you find the card, then you can reactivate the suspended certificates. For that purpose you should, in person, turn to a Service Office of the Police and Border Guard Board. After identification, the suspension of the certificates will be reactivated and the card can be used electronically again.
  • if the card will remain lost, then you must in person address a Service Office and submit an application, on the basis of which the certificates of the card and the card itself as a physical document will be invalidated. After that the further use of the card is impossible. Thereafter you must apply for a new card. An invalidated identity document cannot be revalidated.

NB! In case of loss of an identity document, if you submit in a Service Office an application for issue of a new document, and state as the reason for application, that the document has been lost, destroyed, stolen, then your document shall be invalidated on the basis of your application and there will be no need for a separate application on invalidation of the document.

The Police and Border Guard Board recommends to notify about the loss or stealing of an identity document promptly and to invalidate the card as quickly as possible.