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How to use a card

For electronic use of an ID-card, residence card or Digi-ID you will need the following:

  • an ID-card, residence card or Digi-ID card;
  • the PIN-codes, which will be issued jointly with the card. (Please see, how to act if the codes are lost);
  • valid certificates – if the certificates have expired, then you can renew these yourself (see renewal of the certificates);
  • a computer with internet connection;
  • a card reader – ask from a computer shop or from your bank office;
  • ID-card software.

Please put the card into the reader before starting to use the service and keep it in the reader throughout the use of the service. When choosing a service the user must insert a PIN code for confirmation. The code PIN1 will be needed for identifying yourself. With this code one can not take any binding obligations and this code may be used quite freely. Pay attention that you do not use the code PIN2 thoughtlessly, as a signature given by this code is legally binding, therefore you must understand exactly what you are signing and whether the system is sufficiently trustworthy for that. If you have any ground to doubt that, or if there is anything You do not understand, then do not use the PIN2 code.

Practical information for the use of an ID-card, residence card and Digi-ID and for adjustment of the computer you will find at the ID-card webpage.