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What to do if you are a victim of a crime

If you are a victim of a crime, you must report the police as quickly as possible and behave according to the instructions you will receive.

Report crime incident to the police:

  • Calling on free short number 112
  • Going to the nearest police station


The police reacts to all call-outs  as quickly as possible  but  the call-outs that require  immediate response  shall  be served in the first place e.g. if:

  • A crime has been committed just before the reporting and the perpetrators haven`t managed to move far;
  • A crime is happening now;
  • A crime is a serious crime  against person etc

How to behave at the scene of the crime?

  • Try to keep the scene possibly contaminate–free until the arrival of the police;
  • Remember or write down data of the  possible suspects and witnesses and forward it to the police;
  • Be attentive and talk about your suspicions to the police.

The faster  you  address to the police, the better  conditions at the crime scene shall be preserved  and the more likely the offender shall be established and the guilt ascertained.

Preserve the crime scene contaminate-free!

  • Theft from  apartment - do not walk around and do not start cleaning because there can be trace evidences that  you may not notice and contaminate the spot accidentally so the leads of the case shall be damaged.  Protect  the  surrounding of your  premise untouched  to avoid the  essential traces on the ground or in the corridor being spoilt;
  • Theft from a car- do not move around  the crime scene and do not start  to clean the car but try to preserve the surrounding of the car untouched because the essential traces could be found on the ground;
  • Theft from a car, apartment or any other theft-use the gloves if you must pick up something, lift, open the doors etc in order not to destroy the possible evidences ( DNA, fingerprints etc);
  • Stolen purse, mobile phone-take contact with your bank or mobile operator and close bank / phone card;
  • Remember or write down data of the  possible suspects and witnesses and forward it to the police;
  • If you are offered to buy something back (car, mobile phone, documents etc) immediately report the police who shall (depending on the circumstances ) provide you with the instructions that is not be allowed to be disseminated on  internet homepage.

Never make cooperation and do not let yourself to be persuaded or affected by threats or  any other jeopardizing tools of a criminal.

Help a police officer and:

  • Try to remember the indications of the criminal;
  • Try to remember the  car mark, colour, registration number or  any other special feature if the criminal used the car;
  • No need to go to the police station to submit the application. If you wish, you can be interviewed at your own home;
  • Do not wash yourself and avoid   cleaning  before the essential evidences have been taken if you happen to be victim of sexual assault;
  • Clearance of the new circumstances, forward the new information to the police.

If you submit an application to the police, keep in mind:

  • Submit as many copies relevant to the case as possible (especially if  you happen to become a victim of fraud or  any other economical crime, as well). Also, be ready to submit the original documents;
  • Write down as many dates, times, persons` names and  contacts as you can. It is good to provide many facts;
  • Try to save  as much as possible the email correspondence, information on the  tender on Internet auction, the tenderer` s data, the confirmation of the  transaction on computer`s hardware or  on memory stick as much you can if you have happened to become IT crime victim or the crime has been connected with any IT device. It would be very useful if you can enclose the printed documents to the application;
  • Try to remember or write down the data of possible suspects and witnesses  and forward them to the police.