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Submitting a crime report

You must inform the police of every offence. You can do it by calling 112 or by submitting a written report to the nearest police authority. Also, you can submit an offence report by sending an e-mail to the relevant prefecture’s e-mail address. It is not possible to submit a report by e-mail in the following cases:

  • it is a serious crime
  • the victim of a crime is a child
  • the offender is at the crime scene
  • there were eyewitnesses to the crime
  • the crime scene has remained untouched

In such event call the police emergency number 112.

You can find a form for reporting a crime by e-mail here:

Every piece of information that might help to detect a crime is important to us.

When submitting a report, please inform the police in detail of everything in connection with the offence – provide a detailed description of the event and its time and date, list missing/stolen items and provide their description – appearance, distinguishing marks, and special characteristics, state the value of these items, and, also, add data concerning possible suspects.

Do not forget to add your contact details so that the police could contact you.