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Corruption crimes

In order to combat conjointly and efficiently with corruption in public sector and private sector, each honest person, regardless of his or her position or post, has to contribute into the formation of more fair and transparent country. Abiding of dishonest officials at their posts does not benefit neither to the reputation of institution nor to a client who wishes to receive a service from that institution, an enterpreneur who offers service or competitor. Therefore it is important that in this combat against corruption every person who knows any aspects about unlawful actions of an official, would notify the police about that.



Within the police the corruption crimes are handled by the Corruption Crime Bureau which is in the staff of the Central Criminal Police. The Bureau has its divisions in Tallinn, Tartu, Jõhvi and Pärnu.

Whom and how to address in the case of a corruption incident?

A person shall notify about a corruption incident in case of reasonable doubt, if an office-bearer has:

  • breached an act of law;
  • handled public property incorrectly;
  • misused power;
  • performed other transactions or actions which seem to be corruptive.

Notification about corruption can be made by addressing in person or by sending a notice to:

  • Central Criminal Police, if it is an issue of officials working in local municipalities and public offices, and private companies/non-profit organisations
  • Security Police Board, if it is an issue of high-ranking national officials (the President, Member of the Parliament, Minister, Auditor General, Legal Chancellor, judge, prosecutor, or higher official of governmental authority, Chancellery of the Parliament, Office of the President of the Republic, Office of the Chancellor of Justice, State Audit Office or court)
  • State Prosecutor’s Office, if it is an issue of officials employed by law enforcement institutions (eg. police officers)

It is also possible to send hints to the e-mail of the Corruption Crime Bureau which is meant for hints korruptsioonivihje@politsei.ee, or to leave a hint to the telephone answering machine number  612 3657