Avalehe pilt
To the witness of a crime

If you eyewitness a crime, inform the police as quickly as you can on short number 112. If you wish, the police shall guarantee your anonymity.

After that, please:

  • Consider your own safety. In many cases it is useful to wait for the arrival of the police patrol;
  • Follow the instructions received by the police;
  • Show a criminal that  he has been observed;
  • Try to preserve the crime scene clean and untouched until the police have arrived at the spot;
  • Remember and write down the data of the possible suspects and witnesses and forward it to  the police, f.g. car registration plate number, identifications of a person, your own individual observations etc;
  • Communicate with the police duty officer immediately or call on the emergency number 112, if somebody has got hurt during a crime.

If you call 112, keep in mind:

  • Call as quickly as possible and talk clearly about what has happened, where it has happened and who is calling;
  • Be calm and answer the  additional questions;
  • Forward to the duty officer the description about the persons, vehicles  and other circumstances connected with the incident, and do it as much in details as you can;
  • Don`t end the call, before the duty officer shall give you a permit. The police short number is free and similar to dial on the mobile phone or on the table phone

You can call  the  number 112 by the mobile phone even without a SIM card.