Avalehe pilt
Emergency aid at sea and in transboundary water bodies

In distress at sea or in any other dangerous situation:

•    Contact with border guard or emergency centre (look at the essential contacts);
•    Assist those who are in distress at sea;
•    Launch SOS signal (red flare);
•    Don`t cause more danger for your own or anybody other`s life

NB! The use of red flares without the reason is prohibited in the territorial and inland water, on the lake Peipsi, Lämmijärve and the lake Pihkva and the  immediate  vicinity  of those bodies of water.
The red flare is sign for MAYDAY call  and to use it without the good reason is prohibited.

If you forward your distress call via speech, then do it as exact as possible telling information on yourself and situation you are in. This shall guarantee the quick and relevant assistance.

If possible, don`t cut off the communication before the duty officer has acquired all the necessary information to exercise the search and rescue operations:

•    Name and type of vessel, if possible your phone number or radio call sign;
•    Exact location, source harbour, destination, speed and course of the vessel;
•    Description what has happened;
•    Is anybody in danger? The number of  lost or injured people;
•    What condition is the vessel ? What kind of life-jackets are there? Is it possible to launch  SOS signal?
•    What assistance is needed?
•    Description of weather conditions in the emergency location.