Avalehe pilt

Before you go out to the sea:

•    Check the technical conditions of  floating vessel and navigation equipment

•    Check the weather forecast

•    Wear life-jackets

It is obligatory to wear life-jackets if you go to  sea or transboundary water body. There is a difference between life-jacket and buoyancy jacket. The buoyancy jacket is not a rescue jacket. This jacket is designed for a short time stay in water with the precondition the person can  quickly manage back to vessel or to the bank. It is impossible to stay with buoyancy jacket in the water for a long time.
The accurate life-jacket is designed with a collar. In case of accident, the life-jacket shall help the person in distress to keep him/ her above the water. In case of injuries, the life-jacket  turns the body to the right position, so that the  human`s head shall remain out of water.

The Estonian Maritime Administration has advised to exploit the life -jacket 15 / life-jacket 150 N with the carrying capacity of 15 kg because it is suiting  very well to our climate condition. The  other reason is that a person who cannot swim, is  also able to use such kind of equipment. If a person has lost his/ her consciousness and is wearing heavy wet clothes  full of water, the life-jacket shall keep the person above the water surface. The majority of this category of  vests shall fulfil with gas automatically.

•    Take along communication means

•    Notify your relatives about departure on the water

•    Be aware of the valid regulations exercised  in  transboundary water body