Avalehe pilt
Navigation in foreign waters

Within the Schengen visa zone, people can arrive and leave the state via any ports.

NB! It is necessary to carry always the identification document along you because the authorities of Schengen member states have the right to conduct the document check procedure!

According to the main principle  of the border checks  within the Schengen visa zone, the documents of people staying at the small crafts arriving to and leaving from the member states ports, are not necessary to be checked. The small crafts are not obliged to notify the border guard point  on arriving from other Schengen member state and they can enter the ports where  the border guard point is missing. This means, the small crafts may run any shore  they like within the Schengen visa zone. More over, the member states can conduct the personal checks and /or small crafts physical examination  if there is the   coastline of  the third country   in vicinity. Therefore, it is recommendable to carry both ID  and the documents relevant to water vessel along.

If the small craft or yacht has arrived from outside of the Schengen visa zone e.g. from Russia, then the border check shall be conducted and the small crafts must choose for entering  the ports  with the border guard points. Upon entering the Schengen legal framework ,it does not matter under which country`s flag the yacht is sailing because the obligation to notify the border guard point and perform the check shall apply to all the vessels crossing the border.

If the small craft or yacht has arrived from outside of the Schengen visa zone, it is allowed to sail along the international shipping route up to the border guard point and enter the Estonian territorial water in order to exercise the border check in the port. It is prohibited to sail to Tallinn along the seashore or the territorial water.

If the small craft or yacht has arrived from outside of the Schengen visa zone and after the border check  has been performed in some port supplied with the border guard point, the vessel shall be provided with the right  to move on to  any shore of EU Member State `s  within the Schengen visa zone and to land the place there acceptable for their needs. Still, police officer  has a right to conduct the irregular checks in this context.

The border guard points open for international traffic are: