Avalehe pilt
Technical assistance for floating vessel

Rescue and Coordination  Centre JRCC Tallinn shall respond to all the emergency signals with utmost attention. In case of accident at sea, the duty officer shall address every case separately in order to decide which kind of backup must be sent to the accident place.

Every skipper  shall be responsible for himself and  his own  vessel:  for technical  condition and navigation equipment and for  sufficient supply of fuel. In Estonia, the technical assistance for the floating vessels is not regulated by the law.

Towing is not the work of Police and Border Guard.
Certainly, the vessel is observed in case of distress in order to prevent the dangerous incidents. The duty officer of  Rescue and Coordination Centre JRCC Tallinn is monitoring  the situation and if the situation has changed dangerous, the officer  may make the decision to start towing the vessel.

Upon the other circumstances, Rescue and Coordination Centre JRCC Tallinn shall forward the necessary  contacts of the companies or private persons who are operating with towing service provision.