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What to do in case of traffic accident

Traffic accident is a case where as a result of one vehicle  moving on the road or driving off the road, at least one person shall get hurt or die or property damage shall be caused.

If traffic accident  has  happened:

  • Stop as quickly as you can, not causing any extra danger, switch on warning lights together with side lights. If side lights are missing or vehicle is standing at the place where the visibility is poor or limited, the warning triangle must be placed;
  • Inform the Rescue Board if a victim needs  assistance. After having called out the assistance, give the first aid to a  victim. If you haven`t learnt the first aid, contact with the Rescue Board  and give the first aid in coordination with them;
  • do the maximum so that the traffic at the accident scene shall be safe and  shall not become dangerous due to the accident that has happened;
  • Don`t move the vehicle or other objects before the police have arrived. You can do it only in the case the rest of the traffic is in jam and the traces  and  position of the vehicle and objects have been established;
  • Write down the names and addresses of the eyewitnesses;
  • Present the relevant  documents on the request of the participant in accident;
  • Don`t consume alcohol, drugs or psychotropic substances if you are a driver participating in traffic accident until the circumstances have not been  specified at the scene;
  • Behave politely and calmly upon the specification of circumstances and official registration  of the accident.

Inform the Rescue Board on the short phone number 112 if:

  • There are victims who need the medical aid;
  • People have not  got hurt but there is disagreement  how to share the responsibility between the drivers or driver and the person/persons who has/have  received damage
  • There are no victims but the normal traffic flow or safety of environment cannot be guaranteed;
  • There has been a collision with a wild animal that belongs to the list prescribed by the Ministry of Environment Order No 59 of 9 October 2002-The List of Games. The games are wolf, bear, wild boar, red deer, elk and roe.

Provide the first aid in accordance with the instructions received by the Rescue Board!

Inform insurance agency about the traffic accident if:

  • People did not get hurt and driver / drivers and victim agree  on the causes of the accident, the vehicle`s and drivers` s documents are officially correct, drivers and pedestrians are both sober;
  • Driver and participants have officially written down their opinions, have named the person who will be in charge of the accident and have both signed it-

It is advisable to use the “Traffic Accident Notification “ for accident registration. Fill in the application correctly. The similar claim form is used within the European Union and it simplifies the procedure when the both parties are from different countries. The claim forms are available in insurance agencies and gas stations. If there are  more than two parties, the several sets of forms “ Traffic Accident Notification” shall be fulfilled.

NB! It is good to write down the names and contact information  of possible witnesses.

If there is not any forms available, please register the incident on the paper and  follow the  necessary requirements:

  • Write down the time, the date and the exact place where the accident has happened;
  • Write down the name, address, phone of owner of the vehicle;
  • Write down the name, address, phone number, driver`s licence number;
  • Write down the registration data (mark, model, registration plate) of the vehicle participating in the accident;
  • Write down the data of pedestrian(s) participating in the accident (name, address, phone, email);
  • Write down the data of the possible witnesses;
  • Write down the short description and scheme with the location of the vehicle and moving trajectories;
  • Provide the signatures of the parties and  of the name who is in charge of causing the accident.

Which insurance companies shall you contact?

  • A victim (pedestrian and cyclist as well) must inform personally or through the representative any Estonian insurance agency or Estonian Traffic Insurance Fund as quickly as it is possible about the traffic accident. If you turn to the insurance agency of the damage causing party, the procedure shall be proceeded quicker;
  • The traffic accident causing party must contact with his insurance agency in Estonia  or Estonian Traffic Insurance Fund  about the incident so quickly as it is possible but not later than five days after the accident has occurred. During the same period, the written description about the incident  must be presented and the vehicle  participating in the accident  must be exposed for the technical examination. In case you do not perform this liability, the insurance agency has the right to reclaim 30 % from the accident causing party but not more than 450 euros from the compensation paid to a victim. The vehicle must be exposed in the technical condition as it was in the moment of the accident;
  • If a person is not aware if he is the causing party or victim, he must contact with the insurance agency as a person who has caused the damage;
  • A pedestrian and a cyclist shall receive compensation for damage caused during the insurance incident even if the driver of vehicle is not responsible for the damage.