Avalehe pilt
Payment of fines

Payment of fines and procedure expenses

Payment by bank transfer
Beneficiary’s name: Rahandusministeerium (Ministry of Finance)

The bank accounts of Ministry of Finance:

Name of the bank Bank account number (IBAN) BIC or SWIFT code Bank address
SEB Pank AS EE891010220034796011 EEUHEE2X Tornimäe 2, Tallinn, Harju county, 15010
Swedbank AS EE932200221023778606 HABAEE2X Liivalaia 8, Tallinn, Harju county, 15040
Luminor Bank
EE701700017001577198 NDEAEE2X Liivalaia tn 45, Tallinn, Harju county, 10145

Reference number is indicated in the decision. The payment cannot be made without the reference number.

If the payment is being made on behalf of another person, the name of the person, on whose behalf the fine was paid, must be stated in the payment details, and the number of misdemeanour decision may also be stated.

When making a transfer of fine payment from a bank located in a foreign country, it is mandatory to indicate the beneficiary's name, the name of the bank, the bank account number (IBAN), BIC or SWIFT code and the amount. The following information should be marked to the additional information box: the reference number or the number of the misdemeanour decision and also the name of the person on whose behalf the fine is paid. Further information about international settlements can be found on the website of your own bank.
Payment in cash in the closest bank office: transaction - cash depositing.

Additional information:

  • The requisites needed for settlement of a fine imposed by a police officer are provided on the misdemeanour decision, which is issued or made available to the offender
  • The fines in misdemeanour matters must be paid in due term, which is the payment term stated in the misdemeanour decision (normally, within 15 days from making the decision). The overdue fines in misdemeanour matter shall automatically and without previous warning be sent by the information system to a bailiff for compulsory execution. In the case of compulsory execution, the bailiff shall commence an execution proceeding according to the Code of Enforcement Procedure.
  • Check your bank account statement on the following day after making the payment. If any mistakes occurred during the transfer, the sum paid shall be refunded to the remitter and the transfer shall not be executed.
  • The person subject to proceedings has a right, for duly justified reasons, to file an application for payment of fine in instalments. The application shall be filed within 15 days from receipt of the misdemeanour report.
  • A decision made in misdemeanour matter shall enter into force 15 days after being made available, the date of which is provided in the misdemeanour report. Pursuant to section 203 subsection 2 of the Code of Misdemeanour Procedure, a decision shall be executed within ten days as of the date of entry into force of the decision.
  • In case the execution proceeding of an overdue fine in misdemeanour matter has been commenced, the fine shall be paid to the requisites provided in the enforcement notice. In case a debtor pays the fine in misdemeanour matter to the requisites provided in the misdemeanour decision, but the execution proceeding has already been commenced, then the bailiff shall have no information about such payment and the bailiff can collect the fine sum from the debtor’s bank account. Compulsory enforcement of a fine due to failure to pay in due term will always cause additional costs to the debtor, as bailiff’s fee will be added to the debt sum. Therefore, it is reasonable to settle the debt at the latest by the effective date of the punitive decision.
  • The remitter has a right to request refund of double payment or overpayment or of a sum received to an account of fines by mistake. For that purpose a formal application shall be filed:
    • Written application in local Prefecture
    • Digitally signed application to the e-mail ppa@politsei.ee. You can find more information about the digital signature here.
    • Send by post to Pärnu rd 139, 15060 Tallinn

You may ask additional information concerning payment of the fine in misdemeanour matter from the body conducting extra-judicial proceedings who signed the misdemeanour decision and whose contact data are provided in the misdemeanour decision.