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Web Constables give advice on the Internet

Web Constables (from the left) Jana Frolova, Andero Sepp and Maarja Punak

Web-constables are police officers working in internet. They respond to notifications and letters submitted by people via internet and train children as well as adults at issues of internet security. The first Estonian web-constable Andero Sepp started his work on 1 June 2011. Today there is working besides him also web-constable Maarja Punak and Jana Frolova.

People contact web-constables by means of different portals as well as by e-mail. Some issues are solved by advising only, but there are also such notifications that are forwarded for information or proceeding to relevant police stations. Greatest part of the questions is about issues related to fraud, thefts, defamation and traffic. There are no age limits and preferred is correspondence in Estonian, English or Russian. Letters are responded to at the first opportunity or at latest within three working days. Statistics related to work of web-constables can be found here.
What are the concerns that can be addressed to web-constables?

  • If you wish any advice from the Police;
  • if you have questions related to law;
  • if you wish to send a hint or information to the Police;
  • if you suspect that someone is operating under your name in internet;
  • if you have fallen a victim to teasing/abuse;
  • if you wish to notify about sexual or other abuse.

It is recommended to send one’s question or letter to one web-constable, not to all at a time. Most common questions and answers have been brought forth in section of recommendations.

In cases requiring urgent response of the Police, it is necessary to dial number 110.

The purpose of web-constables is to advise, they do not proceed offences themselves. If you know that you would like to submit an application to the Police, then more detailed information can be found here.

Contacts of web-constables:

Andero Sepp
Facebook: Web-constable Andero
Rate: http://www.rate.ee/users/andero-
Skype: andero.sepp@politsei.ee
E-mail: andero.sepp@politsei.ee
Maarja Punak
Facebook: Web-constable Maarja
Twitter: Web-constable
E-mail: maarja.punak@politsei.ee