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Police and Border Guard Board – in cooperation we create security

There are more than 5000 people working in the name of internal safety of Estonia in Police and Border Guard Board (PBGB). Thus it is one of the biggest state agencies in Estonia.
The main tasks of Police and Border Guard Board are the securing of the external border of the European Union; the determination of citizenship and issue of documents; security and public order in the state; and the investigation and prevention of offences.

The first contact points for people in their home town or village are sub-units of four regional prefectures - constable stations, border guard stations or service offices of Migration and Citizenship Bureau.

In its present structure, Police and Border Guard Board started its work on 1 January 2010 when Police Board, Central Criminal Police, Public Order Police, Border Guard Board, and Citizenship and Migration Board (CMB) were merged. On the basis of the former police prefectures, border guard territories and regional offices of CMB, four territorial prefectures were formed which will be also incorporated into PBGB and form one authority as of 2012.   

By merging the agencies, all resources related to the ensuring of internal security – people, experience, funds and equipment were combined under one management.  This way the field of internal security is developed as a whole and the existing resources are utilised in the most effectual way. Accession to the Schengen visa space that lifted border control at internal borders of the European Union established one of the preconditions for the merging of the police and border guard, but brought along the requirement of using compensatory measures in the border territories, making it mainly the task of Public Order Police. Also incorporation of the supporting staff of the merged agencies allowed retrenchment as there was no longer a need for separate book-keeping, personnel, and other similar systems for each agency.  
Police and Border Guard Board is a police authority. All officers, regardless of their full title or position, whether a border guard, a traffic police officer, an investigator or a pilot – are police officers. The general name of the organisation is the police.  

By its principles, the police are a servicing organisation and we consider it our main duty to do our best so that law-abiding people would feel as safe as possible in Estonia.  To that end, we cooperate with partner organisations of public authorities as well as private sector and non-profit associations. Our core values that we uphold in our daily work are trustworthiness, openness, cooperation, human-centeredness, safety, professionalism, integrity and humanity.

Our client information phone number is 612 3000 and the emergency number is 112.