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General principles of processing personal data

When performing its duties, which have been determined by legal norms, the Police and Border Guard Board (PBGB) is guided by the principles stipulated by the Personal Data Protection Act.

By reference to the Personal Data Protection Act the PBGB processes data only to such extent, which is necessary for performance of its public duties and for fast and qualified servicing of people. The PBGB keeps the personal data in its use from being used in unauthorized and non-purposeful way. For granting protection of personal data and their legitimate use, the PBGB applies organizational, physical as well as information technological security measures. 

The public servants of the PBGB, who are liable for observing the principles set for processing of personal data when performing their duties, pass the corresponding training and the PBGB performs supervision of observance of these principles.

The PBGB does not issue or forward personal data to third persons, unless such obligation is deriving from law or the data subject has given the relevant permission.

Pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act, everyone has a right to get acquainted with the personal data collected about him or her and to be informed about to which extent and for what purpose his or her personal data has been processed. In case if the personal data has been changed or is inaccurate, then, by virtue of the Act, the person has a right to demand the correction of such personal data.

The above described principles are applicable for processing personal data in the PBGB and they do not include processing of personal data on the websites, reference of which have been made on the webpage of the PBGB (external links). The PBGB does not hold liability for any activities of third parties.

The PBGB maintains privacy of the customers of its webpage. In the cases of making statements via the webpage, the same principles are being applied as when making statements to the police about disorder, criminal offence or any other problem. The name of the person making a statement shall not be disclosed, with the exception of the cases provided by law.

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