Avalehe pilt

Identity documents
Here you will find information about applying for an Estonian citizen’s passport, an ID card, an aliens passport, a seafarer’s discharge book, a refugee’s travel document, and a temporary travel document. You will find the opening hours of service points under the same section.

State fees
Here you will find all the necessary information regarding the rates of state fees and payment.

Residence permit
Under the current section you will find information and application forms necessary for applying for a temporary or a long-term residence permit. Also, you will find information concerning conditions for transferring the data of a residence permit to a travel document and documents required for applying for that.

Right of residence
Here you will find information about conditions set for EU citizens and their family members regarding their settling down in Estonia and the description of necessary procedures.

Working in Estonia
Here you will find information regarding options for applying for a work permit and registering the short-term employment.

Estonian citizenship
On this page you will find the conditions for applying for, resumption of and release from citizenship. All the necessary documents and forms have been provided here as well.

Extension of the period of stay in Estonia
Under the present section you will find information about options for applying for the extension and applying for necessary documents.

International protection
Here you will find information about temporary protection, applying for asylum and extension of a residence permit. In addition, you can also find references to useful material.

Schengen border control
One of the main principles of the Schengen agreement and the Schengen Convention is free movement of persons. Consequently, the countries of the Schengen area have agreed that border control will be carried out solely at external borders of the Schengen area.

In order to achieve the targets provided in the Schengen agreement and the Schengen Convention, the Schengen Information System (SIS) has been established. The information system contributes to the ensuring of public order, safety and free movement of persons in the Schengen area.

Any person, irrespective of citizenship, has a right to become acquainted with the data entered about him/her into the Schengen Information System and, if necessary, demand the correction or deletion of inaccurate data.

Weapons permit
Here you will find conditions for acquiring a weapon, documents required for applying for a weapon and information concerning weapons examination.

Registration of a public meeting
Here you will find instructions for registering a public meeting and contact details of the prefectures where the notification of a public meeting needs to be submitted.

Client information
Here you will find out in which event you should dial an Emergency number 110 or Client information number 612 3000.

Online inquiries
On this page you can submit various inquiries regarding the validity of the documents or checking the status of the application.