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Registration of a public meeting

Notification of a public meeting has to be submitted at least 2 hours before conducting a meeting. It is possible to notify about the public meeting electronically around the clock by sending an e-mail to a local Prefecture or to prepare this immediately during working hours on paper carrier in a Police office. Notification sent by an e-mail must be signed digitally.

The aim of notification of the Police is to enable the Police to plan its activities if there will emerge necessity to respond to protection of public order in place of the meeting, that no meetings would be conducted that are prohibited by law and that it would not be organised by persons who have no relevant rights. In order to secure timely registration of the notification, it would be reasonable to submit it earlier. Earlier notification secures also that another public meeting would not be registered in the same place.

By submitting notification to the Police, the organiser of the meeting is obliged to prove and the Police are obliged to establish the organiser’s conformity with law (an adult and person with active legal capacity Estonian citizen or an alien holding long-term residence permit or permanent right of residence in Estonia). It is not possible to register a notification by phone as identity of a person and conformity with law cannot be established.

NB! Read also recommendations to organisers of public meetings

Contact data of the Police offices by delivery of the notification of a public meeting

North prefecture
Pärnu maantee 139
15028 Tallinn

South prefecture

Riia 132
50096 Tartu

East prefecture
Rahu 27
41588 Jõhvi

West prefecture
Pikk 18
80089 Pärnu