Avalehe pilt
Preventing illegal migration

The new redaction  of Obligation to Leave and Prohibitation of Entry Act will come into force on 24.12.2010. According to the new redaction a precept to leave Estonia shall be issued to an alien who is staying in Estonia without a basis for stay. For more information see the information sheet or visit the State Gazette.

Through the assisted return program the citizens of third countries, who are staying in the state illegally and to whom a precept to leave with the term for compliance with the obligation to leave has been issued, have a possibility to receive from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) support for return to their homeland. The IOM provides assistance in getting travel documents, tickets for travel, information about the situation in the country of origin and in other issues. Information about the program is provided at the internet address: http://www.iom.ee/varre

Information sheet