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Application for e-resident’s digital identity card

An e-resident is a foreigner, for whom, as a benefit, Estonia has created a digital identity and issued digital identity card – an e-resident digi-ID, on the basis of the identification credentials of their own country of citizenship.

The e-resident digi-ID is a digital document that only can be used in the electronic environment in order to identify the person and to give digital signatures. The e-resident digi-ID enables a foreigner to participate in public and private administration of Estonia, notwithstanding their physical residence. The e-resident digi-ID shall not grant a right to reside in Estonia, You may find more information about residing and working in Estonia here.

As of the 1st of May 2018, the period of validity of newly issued e resident's digital ID cards is five years. From the 1st of November 2018 it is also possible to extend the validity of the e-resident's digital ID cards issued before the 1st of May 2018 by two years. Please find more information here.

The e-resident digi-ID can be issued to a foreigner who has links with the country of Estonia or a reasonable interest in using public e-services in Estonia, and who:

  • is not a foreigner who is residing in Estonia in terms of a residence permit or the right of residence;
  • is not a foreigner who is staying in Estonia on the basis of the International Military Co-operation Act, and is holding an identity card or residence card issued by the Police and Border Guard Board.

An application for the e-resident digi-ID for a child below 15 years of age shall be submitted by the child’s legal representative (a parent, a guardian, or a person legally authorised by a guardianship authority).

Apply for e-resident digi-ID electronically. Instructions and required documents can be found here.

The application for the e-resident digi-ID can also be personally submitted at the service point, in foreign representations of the Republic of Estonia, by post or by email as well.

Documents required for applications:

  • an application form (possible to fill in on a computer screen; to print out and fill in by own hand). An application form shall be filled up when applying by post and by e-mail. Instructions for filling of an application form;
  • foreigner’s identity document or a copy of the document if application is submitted by post and by e-mail;
  • a colour photo by dimensions of 40x50 mm. An application form shall be filled up when applying by post and by e-mail Minimal measurements of a digital colour photo being submitted by e-mail are 600x800 pixels (the format is JPG);
  • a document certifying payment of application fee;
  • a written explanation in free form concerning the intention to use the digital ID and the circumstances of its use (the holders of service card or diplomat card need not submit the additional document);
  • in case an applicant for the e-resident digital identity is an employee for external representation, the applicant shall additionally provide their service or diplomatic card.

The additional documents if applying for the e-resident digi-ID to a child below 15 years of age:

  • Provide the identity document held by the legal representative;
  • If an application is submitted by a court-appointed guardian or a representative authorised by a guardianship authority, provide a document certifying the right of representation.

Issue of an e-resident digital identity card
The decision on issue (or refusal) of an e-resident digi-ID shall be taken within 30 working days (after commencing proceedings of the application). The Police and Border Guard board may extend the term for proceeding for the purpose of clarification of circumstances. E-resident digi-ID shall be issued to an applicant personally at the earliest opportunity at the service point or in the foreign representation of the Republic of Estonia marked in the application form. Delivery of the ID-card to a foreign representation may take more time. For information concerning the arrival and delivery of documents please contact the foreign representation of the Republic of Estonia, whereto you have ordered the document.

Foreign representations of the Republic of Estonia.

If you wish to change place of issuance of the document marked in the application form, please contact us ppa@politsei.ee.

On receipt of the e-resident digi-ID, please provide a valid foreigner’s identity document.

Further information about e-residency can be found here.

Conditions for use of the certificates.