Avalehe pilt
Important information for the applicant of the Estonian citizen's passport for a child

In Service Office

In the Service Office, please submit documents required for applying for the passport. The official will fill in the application questionnaire at the spot (no need to fill it in advance) and will capture the fingerprints from a child of at least 12 years of age.


In foreign representation of the Republic of Estonia

In order to apply in the foreign representation, please submit documents required for applying for passport (filled questionnaire). In foreign representation, fingerprints will be captured from the child. It is not required to take along a child under 12 years of age to the foreign representation.


By post

Please send documents required for application and copies of the original documents to the address:

Police and Border Guard Administration
Pärnu mnt 139
15060 Tallinn

You can read more in detail about documents to be annexed to an application form here.

Conformity of a copy to an original document confirm by your name, signature and date on every page of the copy containing data.


By e-mail

You can apply for the passport for a child by e-mail, if less than 5 years have passed since applying for the previous passport and taking of his or her fingerprints, or if the child is less than 12 years old, and if You have a possibility to sign the application digitally.

Sign all documents required for application digitally in one container. Digital colour photo (at least 650x800 pixels and 500 kB) and signature image (at least 200x600 pixels) must be submitted in .jpg format. Signature image must be written on an empty A4 paper, scanned into computer or photographed with a mobile phone and added into container. Signature sample must be written in an evenly strong dark line.

Send the signed container to an address ppa@politsei.ee. The subject of an e-mail, please write: „Application for passport and/or ID-card“.

Instruction for saving and digital signing of the questionnaire.

State fee

The state fee can be paid:

  • by bank transfer;
  • in Service Offices the state fee can be paid in cash, by bankcard or by bank transfer through online bank, using the client computer at the Service Office. All most common debit and credit cards are accepted. American Express payment cards are not accepted.
  • at a representation - for detailed information, whether the payment can be made either in cash or by bank card, you can get in your particular representation.

By applying for the passport In Estonia
In foreign representation Payment of the state fee
  • Persons under 15 years of age;
  • Persons with moderate, severe or profound disability;
  • a person who has attained Estonian general pensionable age
20 € 
20 € By bank transfer:
Beneficiary: Rahandusministeerium

Beneficiary’s accounts:

SWEDBANK EE932200221023778606
SEB PANK EE891010220034796011
LUMINOR BANK EE701700017001577198

Reference number: 2900082443

To details of payment it is necessary to write name of the procedure, name of the person and ID-code (if it exists) on behalf of whom you are paying the state fee
(for example: passport - Meeri Meri, 40302010000)
Starting from age of 15
40 € 60 €
29 € Cannot be applied
Passport in expedited order 58 € Cannot be applied
By applying both for passport and ID-card together In Estonia In foreign representation
  • Persons under 15 years of age;
  • Persons with moderate, severe or profound disability;
  • a person who has attained Estonian general pensionable age
25 € 25 € 
Starting from age of 15
50 € 80 €

Payment by bank transfer from a bank located in a foreign country

When the state fee is paid from a bank located in a foreign state, then the receipt of the transferred sum on the recipient’s account may take 2 weeks. While effecting payment of the state fee from a bank located in a foreign country, it is necessary to know, in addition to the abovementioned, also BIC-code or SWIFT-code of the bank located in Estonia.

  • The BIC i.e. SWIFT code of the SEB is EEUHEE2X.
  • The BIC i.e. SWIFT code of the Swedbank is HABAEE2X.
  • The BIC i.e. SWIFT code of the Luminor Bank is NDEAEE2X



  • SEB Pank AS: Tornimäe 2 Tallinn 15010 Estonia
  • Swedbank: Liivalaia 8 Tallinn 15040 Estonia
  • Luminor Bank AB Eesti filiaal: Liivalaia 45 Tallinn 10145 Estonia


In a foreign country

Document annexed to an application that is issued in a foreign country has to be translated into Estonian, English or Russian and notarised certification of the translation is required.

The document needs to be certified with an apostille certificate (marginal note) or legalised, excl. in cases, if it has been issued by a country:

  • with which Estonia has signed a contract of legal assistance: Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Ukraine, Russia.
  • who are subjects to the Convention on the issue of multilingual extracts from civil status records, signed at Vienna in 1976: Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Cape Verde, Spain, the Netherlands, Croatia, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Moldavia, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, France, Germany, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland and Turkey;
  • who are subjects to the Brussels 1987 Convention and who are temporary applying the Brussels Convention: Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, France, Denmark.

Additional information can be found at home page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

On 1st of July 2012 entered into force an agreement on cancellation of the legalization requirement of population register documents of Estonia and Finland, which significantly simplifies for people to manage their public businesses in both countries. Pursuant to the agreement the statements of population register, which are made in English language, shall be mutually recognized without any additional certificate (apostille) or translation.

The agreement specifies the list of documents which will be mutually released from apostille. On the part of Estonia such documents are statements of the population register in English language (certificates for birth, death, marriage, change of name, divorce, certificate on ability to get married and statement with selective data). On the part of Finland such documents are the statement of the population register (with selective data), certificate by church and certificate on ability to get married.

From now on, for a citizen of Estonia and for a citizen of Finland who is residing in Estonia the best way is to apply in a local municipality for an English language statement of Estonian population register with all the requested data. The statement of the population register is free of charge.  For evidencing a certain event, it is possible, when required, to ask from a county government the English language certificate of such event, which shall be issued against state fee payment pursuant to the State Fees Act (for certificate of birth, death, marriage and divorce the state fee is 3,19 Euros, for certificate on ability to get married 1,59 Euros and for a statement of decision on change of name 3,19 Euros).

This named agreement is not applicable to vital statistics documents which have been issued before 1.07.2010 and to the statements issued in Estonian and Finnish languages.

The full text of the agreement is provided in the State Gazette „Riigi Teataja“.