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Application forms

We recommend you to use Adobe Acrobat Reader and Internet Explorer or Firefox browser for opening the application form which can be filled out on screen. If you use the Google Chrome browser, then you need to save the application form in your computer first.

Above all, the application form needs to be filled out in case of applying for a document by post or by e-mail.

For submitting the documents by post please print the already filled out application form or print a hard copy of the application form and fill it out by hand and then sign it.

Please fill out the application form with a black pen or ink pen, in Estonian language and in block letters. All the compulsory fields must be filled out. NB! The application form must not have any corrections.

In order to submit the documents by e-mail, save the filled out application form and specimen signature in “jpg” format and other documents into the computer and sign them digitally in one container. Instruction for saving and digital signing of the application.

Please write your signature in the cell at the upper edge of an application form using a black pen or ink pen. The signature must be done with an evenly strong line. Please check that the line of signature is not lighter or unnecessarily broken in any places, that there are no unnecessary dots or dashes, corrections etc.
The signature must not exceed the provided limits! If a signature is written in an application form inaccurately, it cannot be entered into the document.

A specimen signature in the cell at the upper edge shall be submitted by an applicant of at least 15 years of age.

On behalf of a child under 15 years of age the documents shall be submitted by the child’s legal representative (for example, parent), who shall confirm the correctness of the submitted data by his/her signature at the end of the application form. A child of at least 15 years of age can sign the application personally. If an application for a child of 15-18 years old is submitted by his or her parent, the child will write his or her signature in the cell at the upper edge of an application form, and the parent will affix his/her signature at the end of the application form to confirm the submitted data.

A child of 7-14 years old or a ward can submit a signature specimen on the application form, but it is not compulsory. In case of a child under 7 years of age or a person unable to sign, the signature field remains empty.

When applying for a document please make a marking in the box before the document you are applying for. If you apply for a passport and an ID-card together, then please make the marking into both boxes. Thereafter please mark with a cross the reason for applying for document(s). When applying for a relevant document for the first time, please mark the reason for applying as „primary document“.

Applicant’s personal data
Please write your exact personal data. If you apply for a document for a child, then please write the child’s data. If a person’s name contains foreign letters, then the person’s name shall be entered in a document according to the transcription rules of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and, if possible, the original letters shall be retained.

Please state the place of birth at a country level (for example, Estonia). The country shall be stated with its present name.

Applicant’s contact data
Please state on the application form your contact data from where you can receive notifications by post (the place of residence stated in the population register of Estonia has no importance). Please provide, if possible, an e-mail address to which a notification on readiness of the document can be sent to you.

Applicant’s parents
Personal data of applicant’s parents shall be entered when applying for a primary document (i.e. if no passport of the citizen of Estonia or an ID-card has been issued to the applicant earlier).

Issuance of the document

  • You will receive the document from the convenient for you Service Office . Please state on the application form the most suitable Service Office for you.
  • If you wish to receive the document abroad, then this will be issued to you at a foreign representation of the Republic of Estonia. Please choose from the list „Foreign representations of Estonia issuing documents" the most suitable foreign representation of the Republic of Estonia and write down the place of issuance of a document to the application form.

Applicant’s legal representative
The field is filled out in the application form in such case if the application for a document is being submitted on behalf of a child under 18 years of age or of a ward by his/her legal representative. Thereat it is stated whether the application is submitted by a parent or a guardian.

NB! Please confirm the data submitted in the application form by affixing a signature at the end of the application form in the field intended for it.

You are welcome to consult about the application forms and how to fill these out by e-mailing to info@politsei.ee or by calling the Customer Service phone 612 3000.