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Seafarer’s discharge book

Seafarer’s service record book (discharge book) can be applied for, if you are a seafarer of the Estonian citizenship.

The “Seafarers’ Identity Documents Convention” of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) applies to every seafarer who is engaged in any capacity on board a vessel (other than a ship of war) registered in a territory for which the Convention is in force and ordinarily engaged in maritime navigation. Each Member for which this Convention is in force may issue a seafarer’s identity document to a seafarer either serving on board a vessel registered in its territory or registered at an employment office within its territory who applies for such a document.

Seafarer’s service record book (discharge book) can be applied for can be applied for in the Service Offices. By applying for the seafarer’s service record book (discharge book), the applicant is required to give the fingerprints that will be entered to the seafarer’s service record book (discharge book)

Documents required for application:

  • an application for identity documents (possible to fill in on a computer screen).
  • identity document;
  • 1 digital colour photo;
  • employer’s confirmation that the applicant is employed or will take employment or practice on a vessel. If employer is missing, the notice of the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund that an applicant has been registered as unemployed or a seafarer seeking work. Employer’s confirmation or notice of the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund has to contain its issuer’s name, date of issue and number. Notice is valid for 3 months starting from issuing of the notice.
  • document confirming payment of state fee.

Additional documents:

  • if you have changed your personal data (for example, name) in a foreign country and changed personal data are not entered to the Estonian population register, please submit document proving change of personal data (for example, marriage certificate);
  • if the Estonian identity document has not been issued to a person under guardianship earlier, please submit documents confirming  documents proving the right to the Estonian citizenship (the Estonian citizen’s ID-card or passport of the parent, certificate of citizenship).

Issuance of the seafarer’s service record book (discharge book)
The document will be issued to the applicant personally or to an authorised representative specified by the applicant upon the application for the document at a service office through the service office or foreign mission of the Republic of Estonia indicated in an application form within 30 days after acceptance of the application for processing.

The seafarer's service record book (discharge book) applied for in expedited procedure will be issued within 2 working days (counting starts from working day following the day of submission of the application) to an applicant in person or to an authorised representative assigned by an applicant at the time of applying for the document in Tallinn Service Offices only.

On receipt of a document:

  • please provide a previously issued valid document of the same type

An authorised representative:

  • provides his or her valid identity document issued in Estonia
  • provides a valid document of the same type, issued to the applicant, if such document exists