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Mobile ID – Frequently Asked Questions

How can I understand that the certificates of Mobile ID have been activated?
If the activation of Mobile ID in the application environment was successful, within 20 seconds after entering PIN 2, a message “Your Mobile ID certificates have been activated” is displayed.

Are Mobile ID certificates located on the SIM card?
In the case of Mobile ID, certificates are not loaded into a mobile phone but are created in the server of the Certification Centre based on the keys on the mobile phone’s SIM card.

Why cannot I receive an SMS about the activation of Mobile ID?
Such functionality has not been added to the application of Mobile ID.

I have Mobile ID but I changed SIM card
First, you have to cancel the “old” Mobile ID in the application environment and then activate Mobile ID certificates for a new SIM card.

What should be done if personal data has changed?
If your personal data has changed, declare Mobile ID certificates invalid and contact your mobile operator in order to apply for a new Mobile ID SIM card with new personal data.

What should be done if I declare the certificates invalid by mistake?
First, you have to contact your mobile operator to get a new SIM card and, after you have received the new SIM card, activate Mobile ID certificates at the application environment.

Where do I find information on using Mobile ID?
Information on using Mobile ID can be found at webpage http://mobiil.id.ee

How can Mobile ID PIN codes be changed?
You can change Mobile ID PIN codes from the mobile phone’s Mobile ID menu, in subdivision “Change codes”.

What should be done if my Mobile ID PIN codes have been locked?
If you have entered the PIN code wrongly for 3 times, it is locked. You can open locked PIN codes by using PUK code in subdivision “Unblock” in the Mobile ID menu of the mobile phone. If PUK code is entered wrongly for 3 times, it locks as well. If PUK code is locked or lost, SIM card must be replaced and, as a consequence, Mobile ID related to a new SIM card must be activated.

What measures can be used for activating Mobile ID?
For activation, you need a valid ID card, residence permit card or digital identity document. In addition, you need an ID card reader and a computer with working ID card software that has internet access.

What PIN Codes must be inserted upon activation?
For activating Mobile ID, you must login to webpage www.politsei.ee by using the PIN codes of ID card, residence permit card or digital identity document, depending on the electronic document that is used for submitting the application of Mobile ID.

What PIN codes must be used with Mobile ID?
When Mobile ID is activated, from now on, you must start using PIN codes included with the SIM card for logging in or giving digital signature.

How can I pay state fee?
State fee is included in the price of the application for Mobile ID, which is paid to the mobile operator for issuing Mobile ID SIM card. The applicant for a document is not required to pay any additional state fees.