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Client information

CLIENT INFORMATION PHONE 612 3000 (Mon-Fri 8.00-19.00)


The contact information phone provides information on:

  • Police Board and Border Guard Administration services and initiated campaigns;
  • application forms and how to complete them;
  • documents to be appended to applications;
  • about the status of the identity document or residence permit and general information about the proceedings;
  • locations of structural units and their hours of operation;
  • contact information for public officials;
  • the location of towed vehicles.

Client information phone 612 3000 receives information about high-risk traffic situations, which are impractical to pass on to the emergency call number 112. Police and Border Guard client information phone is working on Monday to Sunday 8.00-19.00 (the price is according to the selected operator price list).

Useful traffic information you can be found here.

NOTE! All calls made to the client information phone number are recorded. Information about other people will not be given by phone (for example staying in detention house).