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Instructions how to save the filled form and sign it digitally

Here you can find detailed instructions, which programs are needed for saving of the application form that is completed in the computer, where to find these and how to sign the application form digitally.

Saving of the *.pdf format application form being completed on the computer-screen. 

  1. Check, whether there is a relevant software in your computer for opening of the application form and for generating of *.pdf documents. If not, then:
    • for opening of the application forms – install the program Adobe Acrobat Reader;
    • for generating of the *.pdf – install pdf995 and pdf995 driver.
  2. Open the application form and fill it in.
  3. Choose from the menu File - Print, and after that settings window for printing will open up. Choose from there Printer Name = PDF995. Switch OK and the program will generate a correct *.pdf file of the application form.
  4. A window "Pdf995 save As" will open up. Choose a relevant folder in your computer where you would like to save this file and give it the heading under which you would like to save it. Switch the button "Save".

Now the file is ready for signing.

If saving of the data file fails, then:

  • check that in case of PDF995 there is NO checkmark before „Print to file" in the settings window (see point 3);
  • if necessary, upgrade the software of pdf-printer (install it again).


  1. Make sure that you have relevant software for putting digital signature. All programs needed for the signing are available free of charge here. For signing, there are needed at least:
    • driver of the card reader;
    • DigiDoc Client program;
    • utility.
  2. By clicking the right mouse button at the file to be signed, pop-up window will open up where you can choose "sign by ID-card". The program DigiDoc Client will be opened:
    • switch the button Sign;
    • switch Next;
    • enter PIN2 code of your identity document;
    • switch the button OK, resulting that in DigiDoc Client will appear a record containing signatory’s name and personal ID-code under the signatures;
    • switch the button Save;
    • choose the location where you want to save this file;
    • switch the button Save.

The file has been signed.

By electronic applying for the document, you can save the file in one container together with other necessary documents.