Avalehe pilt
Legal representative

Legal representative is:

  • a parent with guardianship right for a child of under 15 years;
  • an authorised representative of a local government for a child of under 15 years of age, if parents are not able to represent the child with good reason;
  • a guardian nominated by the court for a person under guardianship (person with restricted active legal capacity).

Legal represenative shall submit his or her identity document (identity card or passport) and the document certifying the authority of representation (eg child’s birth certificate, court ruling)*.

* These documents are not required if the data are entered into the Estonian Population Register.

Authorised representative
The authorised representative can submit only such applications where fingerprinting is not required. The applicant shall sign the application personally. The authorized representative can be used also during the proceeding - for example for making inquiries or replying to them.

The written letter of attorney should contain following information:

  • authorising person’s name and personal identification code;
  • name and personal identification code of a person to be authorised;  
  • exact name of the act that the authorised person will be authorised to perform;
  • validity period of authorisation;
  • signature of the authorising person.

In addition to the application documents, the authorized representative shall also submit his or her identity document (identity card or passport) and the power of attorney signed or digitally-signed by the applicant.

An employee authorised by the local government or guardianship authority
may apply to the Police and Border Guard Board (PBGB) in order to deliver the application and to receive an ID-card on the following occasions:

  • if the applicant is unable to apply to the PBGB personally due to his or her permanent state of health and fingerprinting is not required by applying for the document.
  • if the document is being applied for a minor under age 15, whose parents are unable to represent him or her due to reasonable excuse and the guardian’s tasks of such minor are performed by rural municipality government or city government.

The authorised employee is required to submit:

  • authorisation document of a local government of guardianship authority (general authorisation document is sufficient, if, in addition, a court ruling regarding the guardianship of the specific person is submitted);
  • identity document of the person authorised;
  • document proving state of health of the applicant (eg medial certificate);
  • written agreement of the applicant;
  • report of verification of the applicant’s identity prepared by the person authorised.

In case of a child who has remained without parental care and it has not been able to arrange the guardianship yet, then an authorisation document of a local municipality must be submitted, in which the name of the person being represented and the type of the act being performed must be stated.