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Reporting a crime to the police

Notify the police about every violence or crime. This can be done by calling to number 112 or by submitting a written application to the nearest police office. You can also send the application about violation of order by e-mail to the relevant prefecture

Application cannot be submitted by e-mail, if:

  • it is a serious crime;
  • a child is a victim of the crime;
  • the attacker is staying at the scene of an event;
  • there were eye-witnesses of commission of the crime;
  • the scene of an event is untouched.

In such cases, please make a phone call to the police emergency phone number 112.

Every piece of information that could assist to detect the crime is important for us.

By submitting an application, please inform the Police as precisely as possible about everything that is related to violence of order – describe the event in detail, specify the time of taking place of the event, list the lost/stolen belongings by describing their appearance, recognition marks, special recognition, write down their value, add also information about possible suspects. Also add your contact data so that the Police could contact you.