Avalehe pilt
Applying for the temporary residence permit

In case if You are an alien, who is not a citizen of the European Union, You may apply for a temporary residence permit:

An alien, who is applying for a residence permit, is subjected to the immigration quota of Estonia for aliens, which shall not exceed 0,1% of Estonian permanent population in one year. An alien shall not be subjected to the immigration quota, if he or she is:

  • a citizen of the United States of America or Japan;
  • applying for residence permit for the purpose of making a research or study.

When applying for a residence permit, the fingerprints will be captured from the applicant (starting from 6th year of age), which will be entered to the residence card of the applicant. When granting a residence permit, a residence card shall be issued to the alien. Temporary residence permit shall be issued for up to 5 years and extended for up to 10 years. The issue of residence permits to aliens is regulated by the Aliens Act.

You may read about the obligations of an alien here.