Avalehe pilt
Temporary residence permit for settling with a spouse

You may apply for a residence permit to settle with a spouse in Estonia, if the spouse is:

  • an Estonian citizen or national
  • is an alien who has a residence permit of Estonia whose residence in Estonia has been registered in the Population Register or
  • has received or is applying for a residence permit in Estonia on the following grounds (prior registration of place of residence is not a prerequisite):
    • business
    • employment:
      • in a performing arts institution as a person engaged in creative activities
      • as a teacher
      • for scientific research or a member of the academic staff
      • for professional activities as sportsman, coach, referee or sports official;
      • as a member of the management body of a legal entity
      • as an expert, advisor or counsel
      • as a layer of devices or craftsman
      • as top specialist
      • in a start-up

Requirements for the documents issued abroad can be found here.

For submitting an application, please address in person a foreign representations of the Republic of Estonia. An alien who has a legal basis for staying in Estonia, may submit the application at the Service Office. For submitting the application in the Service Office you need to make a reservation.

Required documents
Application forms, to be filled in on screen and printed out. Instructions for filling in the application form.

By signing the application you confirm that:


Decision on granting or refusal of residence permit
Residence permit may be granted for up to 5 years and extended for up to 10 years at a time. When establishing period of validity of the residence permit the duration of the marriage is taken into account.

Residence permit is refused in case of:

  • submission of false data upon applying
  • the marriage is fictitious
  • the spouses shall not settle to reside in Estonia.

In case of granting a residence permit, a residence card shall be issued to the applicant in person within 30 days at the foreign representation of the Republic of Estonia or at the Service Office stated on the application form. Arrival of the residence card in a foreign representation may take more time.

Extension of temporary residence permit
Please submit an application for extension of temporary residence permit in person at a Service Office at least two months prior the expiry of the current residence permit. In case if less than 5 years have passed from the previous applying for residence permit and from capturing of fingerprints, you can also apply for extension of residence permit by post or by e-mail.

The decision on extension or refusal to extend the temporary residence permit shall be made at the latest 10 days prior the expiry of the validity term of the temporary residence permit. The residence card shall be issued at the Service Office named on the application form.

A legal basis for stay in Estonia after the expiry of the residence permit
If the residence permit of an alien expires upon the lapse of the period of validity, the stay in Estonia shall be legal for the 90 days following the expiry date of the period of validity of the residence permit. During this period, an alien has the right to work in Estonia directly arising from law. You may read more about the legal bases for stay in Estonia from here.