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Applying for a licence providing a security service

A licence to provide a security service (hereinafter a licence) is a right granted under the Security Act, the General Part of the Economic Activities Code Act and other legislation pursuant to the established procedure and under the established conditions, to provide security service indicated in the licence.
Security services are listed in section 4 of the Security Act, pursuant to which security services, which require the licence, are the following:

  • Security consulting;
  • Guarding and protection of movable and real property;
  • Personal protection;
  • Maintaining order at an event or a guarded object;
  • Operating a monitoring centre.

Starting from 1 July 2014 the licence is not necessary for providing services indicated in point 6 of subsection 1 of section 4 of the Security Act (planning, installation and maintenance of security equipment).
The application for a licence shall be in a free format and should contain the following information.
The applicant shall submit the relevant application for the licence on paper or electronically, digitally signed, to the prefecture corresponding to the applicant’s legal address or to the Police and Border Guard Board through the register of economic activities.
North Prefecture - pohja@politsei.ee
South Prefecture - louna@politsei.ee
East Prefecture - ida@politsei.ee
West Prefecture - laane@politsei.ee
Police shall check whether the applicant, the licence application and attached documents are in accordance with the Security Act, if necessary, will ask more documents from the applicant or other administrative unit or person and ascertains the facts which are significant for deciding the approval or rejection of granting the licence.
The Police draws the applicant’s attention to the fact that institutions providing security services process sensitive personal data (eg data regarding committing an offence or being the victim of it, victims’ statements etc). Pursuant to section 27 of the Personal Data Protection Act, the processors of sensitive personal data, are required to register the processing of sensitive personal data or changes in the processing of sensitive personal data with the Data Protection Inspectorate if they have not appointed a person responsible for the protection of personal data, pursuant to section 30 of the same Act.
More information can be found at the webpage of Data Protection Inspectorate.
State fee
Pursuant to the State Fees Act, the state fee for proceeding of licence is 260€, which should be transferred to the account of Ministry of Finance (EE932200221023778606 Swedbank, EE891010220034796011 SEB, EE701700017001577198 Luminor Bank), reference number 2900082472 and in the details indicate Police and Border Guard Board and the name of the company who is the holder of the licence for which this state fee has been paid.
Granting of the licence will be discussed by the advisory expert committee, which is formed with the directive of the Prefect. The decision to grant or the refusal to grant the licence will be issued by the Police and Border Guard Board within one month. 
The period of solving the application will start when all the required information has been provided. When the company fails to provide the required data, the economic administrative authority will inform the company the next working day, starting from the day the deficiency was discovered, indicating the data which has not been submitted and setting the reasonable deadline for submitting them and explaining that upon failing to submit the required data, the economic administrative authority may dismiss the application. If the company does not present the data in due time, the economic administrative authority may leave the application unsolved.