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Documents required for applying

The application for a licence for the provision of security service must contain the following information:

  • in case of a legal person, the business name and registry code, or in the absence of this, the relevant identification certificate (the combination of numbers or letters, equivalent of a registry code), in case of a self-employed person, the name and registry code or in the absence of this, personal identification code or date of birth and the name and number of the identity document;
  • contact information of the company (phone number, e-mail address and postal address);
  • in case of the other contracting state or a third country company, the address, if that is different from the postal address;
  • name of the security service which the applicant wishes to provide:
    • security consulting;
    • guarding and protection of movable and real property;
    • personal protection;
    • maintaining order at an event or guarded object;
    • operating a monitoring centre;
  • name of the person who signed the application and the contact information (phone number and e-mail address), in case of a legal person, a power of representation (member of the board or power of attorney).

Documents accompanying the application:

  • copy of the statute of the company;
  • copy of the weapon’s permit if the applicant has a weapon;
  • the list of these shareholders of the security company who hold over 5 per cent of the share capital, indicating the full business name of the legal person, its seat and registry code;
  • statement from the applicant confirming that the security officer who is to provide the security services meets the requirements set out in section 22 (2) of the Security Act and that no such circumstances occur as specified in section 23 (1) of the Security Act;
  • proof of payment of state fees;
  • the data of the person responsible for providing security service (security officer):
    • name and personal ID code or in the absence thereof, date of birth;
    • contact information (phone number, e-mail address);
    • data on educational background (qualification entered to the certificate and the level of qualification, the authority who issued the qualification, the number of the certificate or any other certificate confirming the compliance to the standard, the number of the certificate of competence or certificate, the issue place, date and the validity);
    • information about professional experience. 
  • confirmation of the applicant that he or persons connected to him is (are not convicted of offences against the state, against the person or against property as set out in sections 372 and 384 of the Penal Code;
  • confirmation of the applicant that operating of a monitoring centre is in compliance with Section 10 (2) and section 10 (3) of the Security Act;
  • legal person which is in the process of being founded attaches the document intsead of the registry code, which confirms the establishment of the legal entity, in particular the memorandum of association or foundation resolution, or at least one notarised or equivalent copy of these documents. The licence issued to the company being formed will become effective at the earliest when it has acquired full legal personality.