Avalehe pilt
Acquisition of weapons by physical persons


Attention! From February 1, 2018 the weapons permits not issued at Pärnu road will be issued at the Tammsaare Service Bureau.


For obtaining a weapon, the applicant should contact the service bureau where persons can perform the following operations:

  • submit weapons permit applications (incl parallel weapons permit) or applications for an acquisition permit;
  • submit collection permit applications;
  • submit European Firearms Pass applications;
  • submit applications for modification, replacement or extension of permits;
  • submit applications for conversion, the rendering of weapons incapable of firing, applications for determining the compliance to the requirements for incapability of firing, applications for dismantling, destruction or transfer of weapons (by commission sale).
  • request the transfer of a weapon to a person holding an acquisition permit in the presence of the official at the service bureau (except at the Tammsaare service bureau of the North Prefecture);
  • register the acquired weapon (except at the Tammsaare service bureau of the North Prefecture);
  • depositing or destruction of weapons or ammunition (except at the Tammsaare service bureau of the North Prefecture).

Weapons may be acquired by citizens of the Republic of Estonia or by aliens who hold a valid Estonian residence permit or who are residing in Estonia based on the right of residence. Weapons may be acquired since 18 years of age, by some types of weapons as of 21 years of age.

Natural persons are permitted to acquire, hold and possess weapons for hunting, self-defence and protection of property, dealing with sports, professional activities and collection.

Documents required for application

  • Passport or ID-card
  • Residence permit (an alien)
  • Health certificate issued by family physician (not older than 3 months)
  • 2 photos by size of 30x40 mm (the photos must be on paper-carrier)
  • Hunting certificate (if weapon will be acquired for hunting)
  • Document proving membership of a sports organization (if weapon will be acquired for dealing with sports)

The state fee has to be paid before applying for the permit. Permits Officer notifies the applicant about payment of the state fee of the exam when agreeing about time and place of the exam.

Shooting sports organisations that are registered in Estonia and whose main task is promotion of shooting sports, and persons being awarded the firearm registered in his or her name are exempt from payment of state fees for the issue of a weapons permit (see more in detail - section 41 of the State Fees Act).  

Rates of state fees

  • issue of a weapons permit, a parallel weapons permit,  a permit to carry a weapon and weapons and cartridge collection permit - 30 euros
  • issue of a certificate for destruction of the weapon, rendering of a weapon incapable of firing and compliance with requirements for incapability of firing - 15 EUR
  • extension of weapons and cartridge collection permit and entering additional data to collection permit -  15 EUR
  • replacement of a weapons permit, a parallel weapons permit and  a permit to carry a weapon - 15 euros
  • taking of the weapons permit examination (theoretical and handling and proficiency in shooting) - 30 EUR
  • for passing a shooting test (exam on handling the weapon of a different type and shooting skills test) from holder of a valid weapons permit - 15 EUR
  • issue of the European firearms passport - 15 EUR
  • issue of special permit for a special permit for the import into Estonia or export from Estonia of firearms or gas weapons - 30 EUR per each firearm
  • issue of a prior permit or permit for the conveyance of firearms within the European Community - 30 EUR per each firearm
  • issue of a prior permit for the release of firearms for free circulation as goods - 30 EUR per each firearm
  • application for activity licence in the areas of activity connected to weapons and ammunition - 260 EUR

For acquisition of an additional weapon, you need to apply for a weapons acquisition permit (state fee EUR 30) and after the acquisition of a weapon you need to apply for a weapons permit for the acquired weapon (state fee EUR 30).

More detailed information about payment of the state fees can be found here.

Police official, assistant police official, prison official, active serviceman and active member of the Defence League are not required to submit a health certificate nor pass the examination, if:

  • the police official or assistant police official gives confirmation upon submitting of the application that he or she is entitled to carry the service weapon and complies continually with presented health requirements;
  • prison official and active serviceman annexes to the application confirmation of the authority that the applicant holds the right to carry the service or military weapon and the applicant complies continually with health requirements set by entering to prison or active service;
  • active member of the Defence League shall present the permit of carrying a weapon of the Defence League and a copy of the health certificate that was formerly presented to the Defence League for obtaining the permit of carrying a weapon.


  • Weapons permit is issued to a person until validity term of the health certificate or other document issued to the name of the person confirming compliance with the required state of health. 


By replacement of weapons permit it is not required to take the weapon along to the service bureau for showing it. Existence of a weapon is inspected at agreed with the holder time in its storage location.

The permit applied for is issued from the service bureau.

NB! Before addressing to service office for acquisition of a weapon, we would recommend to get acquainted with circumstances excluding issuing of permit for acquisition of a weapon and weapons permit provided for in the Weapons Act.