Avalehe pilt
Acquisition of weapons by legal persons

Legal persons are permitted to acquire, hold and possess weapons for internal guarding service, for dealing with relevant sports or hunting, for studies in subjects related to weapons, for collecting, for providing security services and for sales, manufacture, storage, alteration or reparation of weapons permitted by activity licence.

Documents required for application

  • a written application which sets out the reasons as to why the weapons are needed and indicates the purpose, mark or type and number of weapons which the applicant wishes to acquire;
  • a copy of a decision made by the legal person concerning the appointment of a person responsible for weapons and ammunition and of his or her substitute;
  • a certificate setting out the given name, surname, personal identification code, residence, office and telephone number of the person responsible and of his or her substitute, and information regarding the examination having been passed by such persons;
  • a copy of the articles of association (statutes) of the legal person;
  • a list setting out the given names, surnames, personal identification codes and residences of the persons who are to carry the weapons (and who comply with requirements established by subsection 51 (1) of the Weapons Act);
  • a list of guarded objects which sets out the addresses, contact persons and telephone numbers of the objects if the weapon is applied for in order to provide security services or internal guarding;
  • a description of the place of storage and the storage conditions of the weapons;
  • a document confirming payment of the state fee.

Rates of state fees

  • Taking an exam of a person responsible for weapons and ammunition of a legal person or candidate of his/her substitute - 30 EUR
  • Issuing of a weapon acquisition permit, weapons permit, weapons carrying permit and weapons collection permit of a legal person - 30 EUR
  • Extension of weapons acquisition permit and entering additional data to weapons collection permit of a legal person - 15 EUR
  • Issuing of permit for destruction of the weapon, rendering of a weapon incapable of firing and compliance with requirements for incapability of firing of a legal person - 15 EUR
  • Application for activity licence in activity fields related to weapons and ammunition - 260 EUR

In order to receive acquisition permit required for purchase of a weapon, a legal person must address the service bureau.