Avalehe pilt
Application for parallel weapons permit

To physical person, several weapons permits may be issued. A weapons permit that is issued to a physical person, who is not the owner of the weapon, is called parallel weapons permit. A parallel weapons permit is issued to one or two physical persons in case the holder of the weapon has issued written agreement of using his/her weapon by a definite person or persons.  
Documents required for application

•    an application (shall be fulfilled on-site) where data of a definite weapon and its holder are entered
•    passport or ID-card
•    residence permit (an alien)
•    health certificate issued by a family physician
•    2 photos by size of 30x40 mm
•    a document confirming payment of a state fee
•    hunting certificate (if weapon will be acquired for hunting)
•    document proving membership of a sports organization (if weapon will be acquired for dealing with sports)