Avalehe pilt
Application for permit of import and export of weapons

Pursuant to the Weapons Act, the carriage of weapons and ammunition from the country outside the European Community to Estonia is defined as the import and from Estonia to the country outside the European Community as the export. 

Weapons and ammunition shall be carried pursuant to the procedure established by the Weapons Act, the Customs Code and the Strategic Goods Act and Intra-Community Transport, Export and Import of Cultural Objects Act and legislation issued on the basis thereof.

Pursuant to the Weapons Act, the import and export of weapons and ammunition shall be conducted solely on the basis of a single special permit. The special permit shall be issued to the applying person by the Police and Border Guard Board.

Importation of weapons and ammunition can be conducted on the basis of the special permit by a person holding an activity licence as service for the manufacture or sale of weapons, essential components of firearms, ammunition or laser sights, or for the conversion or repair of weapons.

Natural or legal person may conduct import of a weapon or ammunition to Estonia for his/her own personal use, if he/she is holding a weapons acquisition permit and the named special permission.

As a rule, documents required for application are submitted to Permits Official of the prefecture via e-mail being signed digitally or to general e-mail address of the police: ppa@politsei.ee.

  • an application where the following data are entered:
    • reason for applying for special permission;
    • by import of goods for personal use, data related to acquisition of a weapon or weapons permit (number and period of validity);
    • by import of goods for release for free circulation, data related to activity licence (number and period of validity);
    • amount of goods;
    • description of goods (in case of weapons and ammunition, also type, marking, calibre), by carriage of a registered weapon – number of the weapon and name of the owner of the weapon; by export – the number of the weapon;
    • a country from where (to which) the goods are carried;
    • data related to supplier or receiver of goods;
    • data related to person responsible for carriage;
    • desirable period of validity.
  • copy of import licence (in case of export of goods) that has been issued by competent authority of the end-use country.