Avalehe pilt
Application for permit to carry weapon

A permit to carry weapon can be applied for by a legal person as the owner of the weapon with the local service bureau.

Documents required for application

  • an application (shall be filed in on-site), to which will be annexed the list of employees or sportsmen who are going to carry the weapon:
    • the list that contains given names and surnames, positions, ID-codes and places of residence of the persons, and type and make of that weapon for carrying of which the permit is applied;
    • health certificates;
    • photos (by size of 30x40 mm, according to number of permits, for every primary applicant one in addition);
    • passport or ID-card;
    • residence permit (an alien)
  • The employee or sportsman who is going to carry the weapon must pass the weapons exam.

The state fee has to be paid before applying for the permit. Permits Officer notifies the applicant about payment of the state fee of the exam when agreeing about time and place of the exam.