Avalehe pilt
Weapons examination

Exam must be passed in case of applying for weapons permit or acquisition permit for firearms. Permit official will contact the applicant and schedule the time and place for the exam.

An acquisition permit or a weapons permit may be issued to a person who has passed an examination on his or her knowledge of the requirements of legislation regulating the acquisition, registration, storage, carrying, transfer and legal use of weapons and of the provision of first aid to a victim with a shooting injury (hereinafter – theoretical exam).  

In case of applying for a weapons permit or acquisition permit for firearms, the applicant shall, as part of the examination, pass a test on his or her knowledge of firearms and a practical test on handling firearms according to type of the applied for firearm – rifle, handgun, revolver (hereinafter – shooting test).

Holder of a valid weapons permit is not required to pass health examination or pass a new exam by acquisition of a new weapon of the same type. In case of acquisition of firearm of another type, the holder of a weapons permit shall only pass the shooting test of relevant type of firearm.

The result of the exam will be valid one year starting from the date of passing the exam. The examination is taken in the Estonian language. In agreement with the head of the examination commission and examinee, the exam can be passed also in a foreign language, by using impartial interpreter/translator accepted by examination commission and costs of interpretation/translation shall be borne by the person having registered to the exam.   

If the person having registered to the exam cannot appear to the examination by the appointed time, he or she is obliged to inform the Police and Border Guard Board at least 3 working days before the date determined for the exam in form enabling written reproduction. In case of later notification the time of examination will not be changed, except in cases if later notification is caused by the person’s unexpected illness  or by other circumstance that the person could not influence, and taking into account of this circumstance or its prevention could not have been expected from the person proceeding from principle of reasonableness and he or she will submit relevant proof to the Police and Border Guard.  

If the person registered to the exam fails to appear or if he or she has not notified the Police and Border Guard Board about not appearing to the exam within the time foreseen, the examination shall be considered as failed and the paid state fee being used.

The exam consists of two parts:

  • theory exam
  • shooting test

The examinee, who does not pass the theory exam, is not allowed to shooting test. The exam will be considered passed by positive results of both exams.

Before taking the exam, the examinee shall be introduced the order and requirements of the exam. The exam of the examinee violating the order of the exam will be considered failed irrespective of the success by performing tasks or exercises.

Theory exam
The examinee’s knowledge of following areas will be examined at the theory exam:

  • acquisition, import, registration and transfer of weapons and ammunition;
  • storage, conveyance, use, carriage, maintenance of firearms and ammunition pursuant to law;
  • providing first aid to a victim in case of shooting injuries;
  • liability for violation of provisions of the Weapons Act and its implementing provisions;
  • safety requirements by handling weapons.

Themes and questions of the weapons exam can be found here (document is in Estonian).

Theoretical exam is conducted in writing and 60 minutes is granted for this. At the exam it is required to answer ten questions which all have four response options. One question may have several correct answers, but there will not be posed any such questions at the exam that haven’t any correct answers. The examinee must mark down all correct answer options related to given question. Theory exam shall be considered passed, if examinee has given correct answers to at least 8 questions out of 10. Questions that remain unanswered within the time foreseen shall be considered wrong answers.

Results of the exam shall be communicated to the examinee orally immediately after checking and assessment or an excerpt of the examination protocol shall be delivered.

Shooting test
Shooting test is conducted in two parts. Shooting test shall be carried out with participation of the examination board in the small-bore range at the shooting place.

In the first part of the shooting test, proficiency of the person being tested in handling a weapon  shall be examined by means of a drill weapon or the unloaded weapon (loading and unloading of a weapon, firing position, correct execution of the examiner’s orders).

NB! If the examinee shall not handle the weapon correctly, does this uncertainly or violates safety requirements, the shooting test shall be terminated and it will be considered failed.  

The second part of the shooting test consists of shooting from firing point from the same or similar weapon class that the examinee is intending to acquire or which permit to carry he/she is applying for.

NB! If in the second part of the shooting test, dangerous mistakes are made and dangerous situation is created at the firing point due to unskilful handling of a weapon, the shooting test shall be terminated and will be considered failed.

Result of the shooting test shall be communicated to the examinee immediately after checking and this shall be fixed in examination protocol.


  • If the examinee has not passed the exam, this can be repeated not earlier than after 5 days.
  • In case of failing in the shooting test, this can be repeated within 1 month starting from passing the theory exam. If the shooting test shall not be passed within the named term, the theory exam shall also be given again.  

The Police does not conduct training sessions preceding the weapons exam. Relevant service is provided by several business operators whose contact data can be found in the internet.