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Apr 25, 2018   The police detained the suspect for rape committed in Tallinn
On Saturday, investigators of the sex offence group of North Prefecture detained a 35-year-old citizen of Iraq, suspected in rape of a 23-year-old woman, who is a citizen of Finland, in Tallinn. Yesterday, with the request by Northern District Prosecutor's Office and the permission granted by court, the man was arrested.

Apr 18, 2018   The executive director of Europol signed employment contract in Tallinn
This week designated Executive Director of Europol Catherine De Bolle visited Tallinn and met with the Director General of the Police and Border Guard Board (PBGB) Elmar Vaher and Deputy Director General Priit Pärkna. At the end of the meeting the new Executive Director of Europol signed an employment contract for the next four years.

Apr 04, 2018   The majority of electronically used ID-cards were renewed
494,000 ID-cards with a security risk, i.e. 95% of electronically used cards, were renewed by the end of March. As at 1 April, the certificates of almost 300,000 cards were revoked. The cards will still be valid as identity and travel documents until the date marked on the card.

Feb 16, 2018   20 000 Estonians have applied for the ID-card online
More than 20 000 Estonian citizens have used the new online application environment to apply for the new ID-card during the last eight months.

Dec 12, 2017   Central Criminal Police and art students take the mask off corruption
Central Criminal Police and Tartu Art School open a travelling exhibition „Many faces of corruption“ on 12 December to celebrate the International Anti-Corruption Day.

Dec 08, 2017   Estonia resolves its ID-card crisis
Around 330 000 security-risk affected Estonian ID-cards have been updated since the suspension of the 760 000 ID-card certificates a month ago.

Oct 20, 2017   E-residency digital ID-cards to be issued in South Korea
From December 2017 e-residents from Asia can pick up their digital ID cards from Visa Application Center in Seoul, South Korea. Purpose of the pilot project is to make pickup of the digital ID cards more convenient for e-residents.

Sep 05, 2017   Possible Security Vulnerability Detected in the Estonian ID-card Chip
On 30 August, an international team of researchers informed the Estonian Information System Authority (RIA) of a vulnerability potentially affecting digital use of Estonian ID cards issued since October 2014.

Sep 13, 2016   State portal to send out a notification when ID-card needs renewing
As of this week when logging onto the eesti.ee portal using an ID-card, the system will send out a notification telling the user if their card needs renewing.

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