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Central Criminal Police and art students take the mask off corruption

Central Criminal Police and Tartu Art School open a travelling exhibition „Many faces of corruption“ on 12 December to celebrate the International Anti-Corruption Day.

Foto: Rändnäitus "Korruptsiooni mitu nägu"

The Bureau of Corruption Crimes of Central Criminal Police started a project in spring in cooperation with students to find the faces that characterize corruption and open up youth vision of dishonesty.

Mati Ombler, the head of the Bureau of Corruption Crimes of Central Criminal Police said that corruption undermines peoples' sense of security and the safety of the state. „Everyone should understand the value of honest behaviour. Dishonest activites won’t be unnoticed and it is very important to condemn it.“

According to Ombler it is the mission of the leaders of different organisations to reduce corruption. „Being a good example is not only about achieving results, but also about how these results are achieved and by which principles. Thanks to the students of Tartu Art School we have given a face to the corruption. We hope that the visuals created will help people understand the essence of corruption better and avoid taking a wrong path,“ said Ombler.

Kadi Kreis, the Director of Tartu Art School said that campaign against corruption is a good challenge. „Visualizing a complex phenomenon was not easy. We wanted to make sure that when the visitors take a look at the pictures, they clearly understand that it depicts corruption,“ said Kreis.

Designers’ vision was to make things visible, understandable and clear. „„We created a photo series in teamwork that tells a story and creates the mood,“ said Kreis.

The International Anti-Corruption Day is held on 9 December.


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