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The police detained the suspect for rape committed in Tallinn

On Saturday, investigators of the sex offence group of North Prefecture detained a 35-year-old citizen of Iraq, suspected in rape of a 23-year-old woman, who is a citizen of Finland, in Tallinn. Yesterday, with the request by Northern District Prosecutor's Office and the permission granted by court, the man was arrested.

Based on the information collected so far by the police, the man is suspected in the fact that early in the morning of April 14, not far away from the crossroad of Raua Street, he committed a sex offence. The victim of this criminal offence did not need any medical assistance. The suspect is a citizen of Iraq, staying in Estonia based on residence permit.

The Head of the sex offence group of North Prefecture Mr. Reimo Raivet says that this is an exceptional case. „Based on the existing information, we immediately started to establish the possible committer of this act. In early hours of last Sunday, April 22, we detained the man in an amusement place of Tallinn. An employee of a security company assisted us greatly in the identification and detention of the man", Reimo Raivet, who leads the preliminary investigation, explained.

„Rape on the streets, whereas the victim and the committer of the act are strangers, happens very rarely. It is important for us, that all sex offences and attacks with sexual purpose would always be reported to the police. So we can check the information, respond promptly and start immediately to establish the possible attacker", Raivet also added.

Criminal proceedings of the case were commenced under the section of the Estonian Penal Code that covers the rape. The Northern District Prosecutor's Office requested the arrest of the man and yesterday the court contented to the request.